A Tribute to My Mum

Our relationship with Mum cannot be defined by a single special moment. It’s constant ‘little things’ which add up to something bigger, as I reflected a few weeks ago.

I’d had a horrible Crossfit session. The workout itself was fine, but people’s shouts of encouragement and the loud music had driven me into mental overload. I ran out of the room a minute before the end.

When I arrived home, I was in tears, frustrated with the situation and my hypersensitive nature. Mum gave me a hug. She pointed into the kitchen, where Continue reading


Anglesey Half Marathon Highlights

Yesterday, I ran the Anglesey Half Marathon, starting and finishing in my home town. These were my highlights:

My friends and family expressing as much pride that I got up at 6am as that I was about to run over 13miles.

Attaching my number bib using the same safety pins that I had for my Continue reading

Victims of Hair Fashion

When I was younger, my hair was all wrong.

Everyone was meant to have thin, poker-straight locks, falling like curtains around their face. Mine is thick, wavy, and flies wherever it chooses.

I would watch straight-haired girls complain about their tangles, skimming the brush through them. I was more bemused by this than anything. (Note: If you start brushing, let go of the brush, and it falls to the floor, you know nothing about tangles!)

I remember buying hair straighteners and going through a period of taming mine, but it wasn’t very successful. I joked that Continue reading

Not Everyone Likes You: Get Over It.

How do you deal with criticism?

We have to decide which opinions should be taken on board and which should be ignored. This isn’t easy. We usually need a reasonable understanding of ourselves. Sometimes we gain that understanding through removing ourselves from others, and sometimes it’s through spending time with others that we discover our ‘tribe’.

Some opinions should be listened to carefully. As a writer, I have a few people who I deem ‘ideal readers’. This is the audience I regularly connect with, admire, and know to be constructive in their comments. They understand where I’m coming from, like my style, and generally enjoy the content I produce.

If one of my ‘ideal readers’ thinks I’ve missed the mark, then I would give it serious consideration. There are three possibilities: Continue reading

Things I’d Never Say to People

You can’t do this.

That’s ugly acne you’ve got there.

Why are you so lazy?

You’re weak.

You’ll never be good enough.

You don’t deserve time out to rest.

Try harder, or they’ll hate you.

If you do everything right, you’ll be popular.

People only see your flaws when you walk into a room.

Stop making so many mistakes.

Don’t stop working, or you’ll be a failure.

You’re a horrible person to live with. Continue reading