Just Say ‘Yes’…or Maybe ‘No’

An opportunity comes your way. If you’re shy and unadventurous people advise you to, ‘Just say yes.’ If you’re already overly-busy and a people-pleaser, then they advise you to, ‘Just say no.’ But it’s not always as straightforward as that.

Particularly when I was younger, I feared the unknown. I said ‘no’ to things that seemed risky – even if I secretly longed to do them. I used to go to a Gospel Choir and one day they asked if anyone wanted to sing a solo. My heart and mind were shouting, ‘Yes!’ but my mouth said, ‘I sort of do.’ They heard it as ‘no’, and the opportunity passed me by. I was angry with them for not realising that I was desperate to sing a solo; I was even more angry with myself. I got into the car and sang the choir songs at the top of my voice… Continue reading