A Life in Ornaments

I’m sitting on the carpet, cleaning ornaments. I would say ‘dusting’ ornaments, but as some of these have been sitting out for many years, ‘dusting’ doesn’t seem to go far enough.

I underestimated the emotional difficulty of sorting Great Aunt’s things. I imagined being quite impartial, not having known her that well, or having spent much time with her. I remember her from when I was young and finding her a little bit austere, but now…

I know her as the lady who had to Continue reading

Disgraceful Advertising: A Fake Interest in Health

It’s in the magazines. It’s in adverts between songs on Spotify. It’s in the weight-loss companies’ propaganda. It’s everywhere!

I’m tired of businesses taking advantage of the New Year. Suddenly, everything is about diets and health. Surely if this worked, those companies would be out of business by now.

I’m not saying that everyone who promotes these things Continue reading

Right, Who’s Going to Do the Appreciating?

I went to the chapel to take down the Christmas decorations. There were six other people helping – they’re all ‘getting on a bit’.

Aside from my struggle with the self-tangling tree lights, it went well. One lady had the unenviable task of sweeping holly off the mildew-covered window ledges. I went around after her and picked up dead leaves from the floor, crawling around (and sometimes underneath) the blue chairs.

The men put away the Continue reading

My Little Red Boots

I used to have a pair of red ankle boots. They broke eventually. Thank you, right foot, for being bigger than my left…

I know that boots are a trivial issue, but I loved wearing them. They always cheered me up. Ever since I resigned myself to the ending of their life, I’ve been keeping my eye out for some new ones.

However, as I said in Continue reading