iHannah: The Evolution of a Technophobe

Big news! I have an iPhone. I don’t know how I’ve avoided it all these years. I’ve only owned two other phones and neither have been Smart, bless their hearts.

I was about sixteen when I bought my first – it had a slide-out keyboard which broke in the end. Unfixable. I only got that phone because I was scared to go to county orchestra without some means of ‘escape’. Despite the phone’s limitation, I was fond of it, and was surprised when people with much better and more expensive phones said they liked mine. I was gutted when it broke.

My next phone was inferior, not Continue reading


Maverick Soup-Making

I stand at the chopping board, eyes stinging from the two hacked onions. The recipe only calls for one small onion, but I like onion, so why not? Some recipes demand exactitude; soup doesn’t.

I place the big vine-ripened tomatoes on the scales, to weigh out 220g. Three tomatoes come to 278g. 278g it is. I chop them quickly, throwing them in with the onions that were meant to be sautéing – they’re vaguely warm, is that good enough?

Next, 300ml tomato juice. Oh, that must be about a mug and a bit, yes? I pour one mugful in, fill it a second time, add half of that to the pan, and then drink the rest. Wild.

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Little Boy by the Waterfall

Saturday 7.7.18

The little boy kicked his feet, splashing the rock in front of us.

‘Please put water all over it,’ he said. He needed my extra long legs to complete the operation and was pleased when I obliged.

‘Look! Those ones are yellow.’ He pointed to stones submerged by the shallow water. They looked almost golden in the bright light.

We sat on a large rock, hot from the sun, near the hidden waterfall in Penllegare Valley Woods. There were several people at the rockpool – families and dogs. I wasn’t planning to paddle, but I couldn’t resist Continue reading

Pondering in Pontarddulais

Friday 6.7.18

I’m sitting in Noakes Bakers in Pontarddulais, overlooking the road and The Original Factory Shop. The sun is bouncing off the faux-marble surface – perhaps I should put my sunglasses back on.

I’ve been killing time for a couple of hours, waiting for my friend. I started off on a bench by the war memorial, surrounded by pink and purple flowers, and was bludgeoned by the heat. It was peaceful until the smokers arrived – they seemed pleasant, but it was enough to give me the jitters (it doesn’t take much).

I continued down the road. Did the Continue reading

A Tribute to My Dad

‘If you don’t understand something, then tell me,’ Dad said. ‘Provided it’s genuine, there’s no such thing as a silly question.’

I was thirteen years old. Mum, my brothers, and I were at our first ‘lesson’. We sat in Dad’s living room with shiny GSCE Biology textbooks spread across our laps. His introduction to proceedings was carefully planned.

‘Nothing’s taught if nothing’s learnt.’

Up until then, it was always Continue reading

I’m Moving Away

12th February 2018

There’s a 24-year-old girl…woman, she’s a woman. She still lives at home in North Wales because there’s no reason to go elsewhere. She loves being in her room, dreaming, imagining, creating…

‘I don’t wanna go out,’ she often whimpers. She’s usually glad when she does. The people she teaches and conducts make it worthwhile, as do her friends and workout buddies.

And then home. She lives for home. It’s worth going out for the feeling she gets when she returns. She never went away for university, never spent more than a week away from her family, and never wanted to do so.

Then everything changes. She Continue reading