The Little Boy who Loved the Flowers

The other day, I was walking up the steep hill from the bay. A little boy, about three or four years old, was trailing behind his mother on the other side of the road. She kept turning to say, ‘Keep up.’

A bush of big daisies leant out into the pavement. The little boy stopped. He raised his hands and gently cupped one of the flowers, entranced. He only stood there for a few seconds, although he seemed Continue reading

Life Update: What Next?


I’m moving back to North Wales in seven weeks. This is three weeks earlier than planned. My great aunt’s house is being sold to pay for her care, and although I probably wouldn’t have to move out before the end of September anyway, it works out easier this way.

My Creative Writing MA ends in early October. It’s just the dissertation left now – 15,000 words of short stories – and I’m about a third of the way through. I’m enjoying it so far. Initially, I wanted to stay in Cornwall until I’d finished, but in some ways, I think I’d prefer to be back ‘home’ so that I don’t have to cope with both changes at once.

It’s only occurred to me recently that I’m Continue reading

A Tribute to My Conducting Experience

I wrote a Music Journal from summer 2014-2016, a detailed record of the lessons I taught and the rehearsals I conducted. I wrote about the people who were there, the funny things that happened, what we played, our progress, and even messages from parents that meant a lot to me. It’s 70,000 words long – the length of a novel! Over the six years I conducted, I could have written a trilogy.

After the first concert I organised, my grandad observed, ‘You talked to each member of your band as if they were the most important person in the world to you at that moment.’ That was wonderful to hear; it was always a big priority for me, perhaps even more than the music itself, to make sure people know that they matter and are valued. I’d be lying if I said this didn’t cost me personally at times. I’m incapable of faking an interest in people, so I became very attached to everyone and was sad if they left band. There were many tears shed.

However, my overwhelming feeling now is: Continue reading