I Couldn’t Prioritise My Degree

Priorities are complicated. I promised myself that I would work as hard as I could in the final year of my degree, because I wanted to know that I had done my best to get the desired result. As so often happens in life, it wasn’t that simple.

It’s not about what you’re prepared to do; it’s about what you’re prepared to give up and what you’re prepared to become. I was prepared to work hard when I was tired, to spend Saturdays chained to my desk, and certainly to bury myself in revision at the end. But that’s all.

There were things I was not prepared to do for the sake of educational status: Continue reading

Nevermind, February’s a New Year

I’d like to congratulate anyone who has made a resolution for 2017 and is keeping to it, because it isn’t easy. Many of us try to start afresh in January. We get excited by the idea of the ‘year for change’, the time for a ‘new me’. Although some people manage it, I suspect that the majority don’t. We set our standards too high and often give up at the first sign of resistance. Or failure.

This quick surrender, ‘Decide what you need to do, face a slight setback: give up’, isn’t acceptable in other areas of life. Yet it seems to be socially acceptable (and expected!) at the start of January. The concept of New Year’s resolutions has become popular; we think them up quickly and it is just as easy to shrug them off. If something is truly important to you then it deserves better than that. Continue reading

The Hours in Our Days

‘You know, Hannah, I don’t know what happens to the time – it just disappears,’ said Grandma, with a sigh, on Saturday evening. ‘There don’t seem to be enough hours in the day.’

‘Well…’ I laughed. ‘From my 23-year-old perspective, there seem to be far too many hours in the day!’

After a brief pause we discussed the exchange, which seemed to us like a role reversal, and chuckled about it. I wasn’t being completely serious, but there was an element of truth, particularly in this season. Continue reading

Too Many Interests

I have a lot of interests.

I’m not complaining; I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love the variety and I know that it’s all in my life for a reason. But it does make it difficult to decide how to use my time. I’m a whole-hearted person who can’t be whole-hearted about any one thing.

When I’m at Crossfit I wanted to be fully invested in building my strength; when I’m at band I want to be fully invested in music; when I’m writing I want to be fully invested in my blog, or my book, or a poem, or a short story… Continue reading

The Gift of Animals and Unexpected Time

Yesterday it wasn’t raining. It was breezy, but sunny and warm. I was in need of a walk, to pray and sort out my thoughts, as I was feeling burdened. I wandered down the hill, through the town and towards the sea, with no fixed idea of where I was heading.

I found myself half praying that someone I knew would come along – someone to talk to, to make sense of everything. I walked slowly through the gates and into the bowling green, a lovely spot next to the sea. I came to rest on a bench. Colourful flowers were blooming all around.

A tortoiseshell cat arrived the moment I sat down, rushing and leaping up beside me. He began to nuzzle my side and then my leg. I don’t like cats generally, because I’m allergic to them. When I was little I wanted to be a vet. I don’t know how I thought that could happen when I was allergic to so many animals and afraid of so many others! Continue reading

How to Procrastinate

It’s taken me a while to write this post, but at least that’s in keeping with the topic! Today I got on with it straight away, so I hope I’m not beginning to lose the fine art of Procrastination. They said they’d make a degree in the subject before too long. We’re still waiting…

For many people procrastination is a naturally-acquired skill, but if you feel at risk of starting a pressing task then these are some quick and easy remedies. Here are my top tips: Continue reading