Pondering in Pontarddulais

Friday 6.7.18

I’m sitting in Noakes Bakers in Pontarddulais, overlooking the road and The Original Factory Shop. The sun is bouncing off the faux-marble surface – perhaps I should put my sunglasses back on.

I’ve been killing time for a couple of hours, waiting for my friend. I started off on a bench by the war memorial, surrounded by pink and purple flowers, and was bludgeoned by the heat. It was peaceful until the smokers arrived – they seemed pleasant, but it was enough to give me the jitters (it doesn’t take much).

I continued down the road. Did the Continue reading


I’m In No Rush

Saturday 30.6.18

‘I’m in no rush,’ he said, gently, as he waited for a couple to move out of the train aisle.

‘I love those words,’ I whispered to Mum.

It’s something I only say when I’m in the best mood, and is very telling – or at least I think so.

‘I’m in no rush’ represents a Continue reading

A Dose of Cheese on Toast

I felt flat last Thursday. Not sad, or anxious, or discontented, just flat. I’d had a couple of late nights. Maybe the flatness was creative burnout. My head had been whizzing around, producing a lot of writing – a lovely feeling, but unsustainable.

I walked down to the Post Office to buy a stamp, taking a deep breath before I left the house. I was particularly jittery that day. I noted that I would have felt the same even if there were no people around, so it couldn’t have been social anxiety in this instance. I couldn’t work out how to walk or how to arrange my face! Disconnected.

When I finished in the Post Office, I glimpsed into the Continue reading

Stop Being the Weakest Person at Crossfit

My blog post with the most views and comments is ‘Be the Weakest Person at Crossfit.’ It was a joy to write and something I still believe in, but I’ve realised that my own ‘athletic identity’ needs to change now.

Being an exercise ‘noob’ has given me scope for humorous writing! It’s been fun to turn my athletic ‘failings’ into a joke. I have been able to fully emphasise with new Crossfitters, encouraging them to keep going, sharing my experiences in vivid detail.

So, why does this need to change? Because Continue reading

I am a Runner, Not a Jogger

Today, I ran as fast as I could for 8mins 35secs, shaving 5secs off my PB for that distance. It was exhilarating! As I took a shower, I was thinking about the speed I could manage when I started running a few years ago – I might have looked like a ‘jogger.’

Jogging is defined as ‘the activity of running at a steady, gentle pace as a form of physical exercise’.

But nothing about my running experience has ever been ‘gentle.’ It’s always been a huge challenge. What appeared to some people as ‘jogging’ was usually my maximum effort at that time. Continue reading

Finding the Yellow

On March 1st, I began a Gratitude Journal. It involves writing down five things I’m grateful for every day. I hadn’t thought I would find it particularly helpful, but I saw the benefits instantly.

There’s something about writing it down. It changes the way you look at everything throughout the day. If you look for all the brown things in your room, then brown is all you see. But if you look for yellow…

There are days when it’s a huge strain to find the Continue reading

Victims of Hair Fashion

When I was younger, my hair was all wrong.

Everyone was meant to have thin, poker-straight locks, falling like curtains around their face. Mine is thick, wavy, and flies wherever it chooses.

I would watch straight-haired girls complain about their tangles, skimming the brush through them. I was more bemused by this than anything. (Note: If you start brushing, let go of the brush, and it falls to the floor, you know nothing about tangles!)

I remember buying hair straighteners and going through a period of taming mine, but it wasn’t very successful. I joked that Continue reading