The Mad Mood Swings of Essay-Writing

There seems to be a pattern to essay-writing. My subconscious predicts the expected time of completion, rather like a computer update. As with computer updates, the prospects sometimes change quickly and can result in weird mood swings.

The essays are about 2000 words, but it is a struggle to even get the main points identified. My fingers can’t seem to work, my brain stops processing properly, and I try to hold back tears. It’s looking bad:

‘Essay: 2% complete – 18hrs 10mins remaining.’ Continue reading

Be the Weakest Person at Crossfit

‘I’m always last,’ the new Crossfitter mutters, at the end of a short run.

I know the feeling! I’m usually last, or second to last. It isn’t fun to slog away for ten minutes after everyone else has finished.

Some people find it more difficult than others to be ‘bottom of the class’ – it doesn’t bother me much anymore. I can’t get to Crossfit more than a couple of times a week (because I have other things I love to do, or must do) and recently I haven’t even been managing that! It’s not easy to admit this particular ‘weakness’, but beating myself up about it won’t help. I go when I can, which is better than not at all. It’s still not the easy option. Continue reading