When an Old Lady Hits Her Head

A couple of weeks ago, I arrived at my local café to do some writing. One of the old lady regulars – let’s call her Mary – was sprawled out across the pavement. She had tripped as she walked out and hit her head. She was surrounded by café regulars, staff, and a couple of passers-by. The café chef put his hand out, preventing me from treading in the blood on the floor – always looks worse than it is with head cuts!

They helped Mary up and sat her down in the café. One of the passers-by was trained in First Aid and knew exactly what to do, the questions to ask, the tone to take, and the front-of-house lady rallied everyone with calmness and humour.

I put my bag down at the back of the café, and then hovered around, in case I could help in any way. When I Continue reading

Adding my Thoughts to the Virus Fray!

I wasn’t going to share anything publicly about…we all know what! I’m more of an introspective writer, not often commenting on wider issues such as politics and, well, pandemics. It’s not because I don’t care – I write about them privately – but more because I don’t know. I read all sorts of articles, see conflicting views from experts, and non-experts like me, and don’t feel in all conscience that I can share anything. Why should I throw my ‘opinion’ into the mix? This jumble of words started to flow this morning though.

Coronavirus responses from the general public: Isn’t there a middle ground between panic and apathy? Unfortunately, panic and apathy shout the loudest, throwing people from one extreme to the other. News and social media love extremes – extremes get clicks. I suspect the ‘truth’ is somewhere in between, and that’s not me hedging my bets and sitting on the fence (*cringes at the two overused expressions*).

Many of the extreme views come from only looking at Continue reading