The Joy of Pointless Activities

I now have quiz apps on my phone. I’ve always enjoyed quizzing but have tried not to do it too often because it’s so addictive! The apps reminded me how much I love learning geography trivia – in particular, capital cities and flags.

Next thing I knew, I had bought a book about flags, and flash cards. It took me a few days to learn the flags of all the countries in the world (well, mostly). It’s fun to discover the meaning behind them, when and why they came into use, and that leads on to Continue reading


I’m Done with Academics

Wednesday 27.3.19

My fellow students have started to discuss the Creative Writing PhD. I won’t be signing up for it after the MA. There are things that could make me change my mind, but this is how I feel at the moment.

I’ve realised in the past couple of years that I’m not as academic as I used to think. I enjoyed academia at a lower level and could achieve good grades. Now, it makes me feel as if I’m playing a game, working out the rules and seeing how far I can stray from them. There’s something about it that goes against Continue reading


I went to the care home and had a chat with a lovely carer. She works hard, is kind to everyone, and always has a smile on her face.

She had brought in two puddings for my great aunt to choose between. One was a trifle in a tall sundae glass; the other a piece of Victoria sponge in a bowl, swimming in cream. My great aunt chose the Victoria sponge.

I smiled at the lady, who has a foreign accent, and said, ‘It’s lovely weather today – feels like spring!’

She hesitated Continue reading

A Life in Ornaments

I’m sitting on the carpet, cleaning ornaments. I would say ‘dusting’ ornaments, but as some of these have been sitting out for many years, ‘dusting’ doesn’t seem to go far enough.

I underestimated the emotional difficulty of sorting Great Aunt’s things. I imagined being quite impartial, not having known her that well, or having spent much time with her. I remember her from when I was young and finding her a little bit austere, but now…

I know her as the lady who had to Continue reading

War on Fireworks

My family and I used to watch the local firework display from afar. It was an adventure, wrapping up in big coats, and seeing the glowing bonfire and the sky light up. I liked the quiet fizzy ones, but more often I had to wince and shield my ears.

I understand lots of people enjoy fireworks, but environmentally speaking, there must be better forms of entertainment.

The noise alone is horrible. A scroll through Continue reading

Being Andrea Bocelli

I had several dreams the other night. One stayed with me.

I walk into a huge hall. It is empty, but your voice fills the room. I can’t believe it – first I meet Aiden Turner and now you! You don’t see me, of course. You never will.

‘Mum,’ I say. ‘Look!’

Andrea Bocelli.

Mum follows me in. Her face falls into a frown, and she Continue reading

Unexpected Homecoming

I arrived back in North Wales last night. The decision was only made on Sunday, so it’s all been a bit of a whirlwind. I will be here for a few weeks.

As I stepped through the door, I thought everything seemed different at home. I couldn’t work out why. Had things been moved around? No, I don’t think so. I was just looking at everything in a new light, more objectively. I’ve got used to things in the other house.

I walked into the Continue reading