In Case I Forget

Lockdown is easing off in Wales. Throughout these uncertain and difficult times (what an overused phrase!), I’ve realised how many blessings can go unnoticed in our normal busyness. I’m not an ungrateful person; I enjoy the ‘little things’ and write a daily gratitude journal. I have a new appreciation for life though. I’d like to say I’ll never forget these feelings, but I might, so that’s why I’m writing them down. These are a few of the things I’d like to remember: a funny mix of big/generalised and smaller/personal things.

I want to remember the new friendships formed with neighbours. When we were required to stay close to home and only go out for exercise, people connected more – smiling, saying hello, and getting into conversation. It felt like a happier estate, with a strengthened community spirit.

I want to remember how blessed I was to be safe and well at home. Safe at home, not stuck at home.

I want to remember the importance of taking care of mental health. Lockdown has had a severe impact. From what I’ve noticed, it’s been a mixture of people finding life much easier and finding it much harder, and sometimes swinging between Continue reading

In a World of a Million Causes

I don’t post much political/social content on social media. I post jokes, clips of my life, photos of pretty scenery, selfies, writing news, and whatever else I think will entertain or interest my friends. If they make even one person smile, I’m happy. However, it weighs on me that I rarely post about more controversial topics. I want to attempt to articulate why that is.

I’m scared of confrontation; I’m scared to voice an ‘opinion’ when I’m not an expert on *insert issue here*; I’m scared of putting forward a misguided simplification of a complex matter; I’m scared to stir up arguments with anyone who wouldn’t change their viewpoint when faced with new information; and I’m scared to write anything that I couldn’t stand by 100%.

I also struggle to know which of the Continue reading