Being a Tourist in My Town

I am sitting outside, eating egg sandwiches, at eleven in the morning.

The season has changed since I last went for a walk. Daffodils are appearing in the churchyard behind me – slightly timidly, because there’s still a cool breeze. The gulls try to compete with the sound of traffic from across the strait and the occasional passing motorboat. The sea in front is calm, with waves lapping the beach, and the sky is perfectly blue.

There is work to be done at home, but I can’t waste this weather, and today I needed to get out of the house. The fresh air and sunshine is wonderful after my horrible cold – I feel as if I’ve been trapped inside forever. Continue reading


The Gift of Animals and Unexpected Time

Yesterday it wasn’t raining. It was breezy, but sunny and warm. I was in need of a walk, to pray and sort out my thoughts, as I was feeling burdened. I wandered down the hill, through the town and towards the sea, with no fixed idea of where I was heading.

I found myself half praying that someone I knew would come along – someone to talk to, to make sense of everything. I walked slowly through the gates and into the bowling green, a lovely spot next to the sea. I came to rest on a bench. Colourful flowers were blooming all around.

A tortoiseshell cat arrived the moment I sat down, rushing and leaping up beside me. He began to nuzzle my side and then my leg. I don’t like cats generally, because I’m allergic to them. When I was little I wanted to be a vet. I don’t know how I thought that could happen when I was allergic to so many animals and afraid of so many others! Continue reading

Getting Caught in the Rain

Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to walk down to town. It was already raining when I left, but the weather’s been so changeable that I thought I’d risk it. I just needed to get outside. I was feeling down and struggling to get any work done. I also needed to buy a stamp.

The rain got heavier and heavier! It was pouring down my face by the time I reached the Post Office. I couldn’t be bothered checking if my makeup was running.

The rain turned to hail as I walked back up the hill. There were no doorways I could duck into, so I had no choice but to keep moving and I had to shield my face for a little while because the hailstones hurt. The road turned into a river, and I could feel my boots get heavier. Continue reading

Walking for My Mind

On Tuesday I was desperate to get out of the house. I had already been to Crossfit in the morning, and struggled with my energy levels during the workout. But I was strangely fidgety later in the morning.

At the moment my mind is being pushed to and fro between planning of musical activities and focused essay-writing. It’s not easy. I’m trying to organise my time so that I don’t have to think of both at once, but then I’ll be poring over the text of Dr Faustus and randomly think of a rhythm game! It’s hard to get anything done when you’re flitting from one thing to another. That’s when a walk comes in handy. Continue reading