Thank You: A Writer’s Dream

My writing has been a joyful experience this year. Writing, though in many ways a solitary task, thrives through community, understanding, and shared vision. If I had to name everyone who had been an influence, I would never finish this post! There are a few writerly friends in particular, though, who have been great supporters, editors, and mentors. Continue reading

Starting with Voice

I did very little creative writing during my teenage years. That was mostly down to fear – fear of failure, fear of looking stupid, fear of finding out that the thing I loved the most wasn’t for me after all. It was also because I couldn’t relate to a part of the process.

I often got the impression that to be a Continue reading

When Creativity Entwines

My younger brother and I had a video chat last night. Jonathan was struggling to decide what to include in his art portfolio and to explain the emotions involved in the paintings; he expresses his feelings through images rather than words (an artist, duh!).

Enter Hannah the Writer.

After a long discussion, he showed me the pictures, and I realised what it was that he was trying to convey. It reminded me of part of my recent short story, ‘The Seven Ages of Lone’, and one line in particular. I read it to him.

He looked a little Continue reading

My Brain Diagnosis

Friday 5.10.18

A letter arrived with my brain test results:

I have a solitary cavernoma in the left amygdala.

A cavernoma is a ‘cluster of abnormal blood vessels’. The amygdala has ‘a primary role in the processing of memory, decision-making and emotional responses (including fear, anxiety, and aggression)’.

This would explain the seizures! Mum and I have looked it up – it doesn’t seem anything too serious, although it can be if there’s a bad Continue reading