I Dislike Writing First Drafts

Why do so many people enjoy writing first drafts? Yes, it’s exciting when the words flow. I appreciate flashes of inspiration, shiny new ideas, and riding on the waves of creativity, blah blah blah. It’s not always like that for me though.

Most of the time, a first draft means squelching through the land of This Is the Worst Thing Written by Anyone Ever. Yes, squelching. Trudging, plodding, slogging, until I reach the land of Editing, where everything starts to make sense.  

‘Just get it down on the page,’ they say. It sounds like a great idea, but I’m terrible at it, because…

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Writing Musings and News-ings

18.6.20 Thursday

It’s been a strange time for my writing. Strange in that I’ve hardly done any! I was prepared for a dip in energy and creativity after submitting my MA dissertation, but the extent of it has taken me by surprise. I haven’t written any fiction in four weeks.

The ‘current situation’ does no one any favours. It’s difficult to recharge when your movements are limited. I would normally spend time visiting friends or have some adventures. I should be in Cornwall now. I feel as if my wings have been clipped (as I’m sure we all do), even though I’m completely aware that I have the privilege of being safe and well. I was very down for a couple of weeks.

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