When an Old Lady Hits Her Head

A couple of weeks ago, I arrived at my local café to do some writing. One of the old lady regulars – let’s call her Mary – was sprawled out across the pavement. She had tripped as she walked out and hit her head. She was surrounded by café regulars, staff, and a couple of passers-by. The café chef put his hand out, preventing me from treading in the blood on the floor – always looks worse than it is with head cuts!

They helped Mary up and sat her down in the café. One of the passers-by was trained in First Aid and knew exactly what to do, the questions to ask, the tone to take, and the front-of-house lady rallied everyone with calmness and humour.

I put my bag down at the back of the café, and then hovered around, in case I could help in any way. When I Continue reading

Right, Who’s Going to Do the Appreciating?

I went to the chapel to take down the Christmas decorations. There were six other people helping – they’re all ‘getting on a bit’.

Aside from my struggle with the self-tangling tree lights, it went well. One lady had the unenviable task of sweeping holly off the mildew-covered window ledges. I went around after her and picked up dead leaves from the floor, crawling around (and sometimes underneath) the blue chairs.

The men put away the Continue reading

The Psychology Thread

I have a broad range of interests. It used to bother me that I didn’t have time for them all and that I couldn’t settle on one for long. I discussed this in ‘Too Many Interests’. However, I’ve recently noticed that the ones I’ve stuck with have something in common: they have a strong psychological element.

At Crossfit, I often reflect on the thoughts behind a workout, the things we tell ourselves, the way we interact with each other, and the inextricable link between the physical and psychological parts of our being.

The musical side of band-conducting and one-to-one teaching is key (pun not intended!), and yet I’m probably more drawn-in by the Continue reading

A Sense of Belonging


Aunty and I are on the train to London Euston. First Class; a first for me! We have already raided our goody bags and I’ve managed to consume the heavy brioche muffin (or whatever it was).

I have a slightly nervous stomach, or perhaps that’s because I’ve already written my journal on the rocking train, and I’m excited. It’s as if I’m heading home.

I wonder how I feel this way when I’ve never lived in Cornwall and probably never will; I haven’t even visited for sixteen years. Yet here I am, on my way to St Ives, home of the Continue reading

A Tribute to Menai Bridge Band

I still remember stepping over the threshold for the first time. My trombone-carrying arm shook a little as I took in the brassy smell that is typical of any band room. I’d been asked to help them out for a competition – that was a nice feeling, especially because it’s my home town.

I held my breath as I walked through the small hallway and turned into the main room, eyes searching around for somebody to put me at ease. I instantly relaxed, as there were a few people I knew. But it was more than that: open, warm smiles from complete strangers. Continue reading

Community Café

I sometimes have an irrational feeling of anxiety when I walk into a café, not knowing how busy it will be or how I’ll be received. I went to my local café a few days ago, having not been for months, and never regularly.

I had barely stepped inside today when the lady behind the counter smiled and said, ‘Latte?’

‘Oh, umm…Yes, thank you!’

The café was empty, apart from three older people, and I took the sofa seat by the window. The sun had returned.

The café lady caught my eye and said, ‘Scrambled egg?’ Continue reading

A Tribute to The CrossFit Place

I’ve become ‘one of those people’ who won’t stop talking about Crossfit – I would have rolled my eyes at the idea in the past!

About a year ago I wrote an article called, ‘Why I Need Crossfit in My Life.’ Everything I said then is true still. I’m two years into the experience now and loving it more than ever. I could ramble on about the physical and mental benefits of ‘constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement’, but that’s not the only thing that keeps me going back for more. Continue reading