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I had a vivid dream the other night. I’d entered a competition to perform in a show, which (to cut a long story short) resulted in me becoming a stagehand. My subconscious is cruel; it wasn’t the role I was aiming for!

Anyway, as I stood at the side of the stage, I watched the two lead characters performing a dramatic scene. The actress arranged her face so that it looked Continue reading

Is Crossfit Unfeminine?

‘I would lift weights, but I don’t want to get big.’

‘I want to be strong…as long as I don’t “look” strong, if you know what I mean.’

‘Aren’t you worried that you might become…ya know…bulky?’

The last question always makes me laugh. I usually joke that becoming bulky takes a lot of hard work and I’m far too lazy! I’m not bulky (and neither are my Crossfit friends), but if I was, I’d wear my muscles as if they were medals.

Women want to be respected for their Continue reading

Run for Your Life from Excuses

Running. It’s on today’s to-do list. Running.

You’re sleepy, Hannah, stay in bed.

Yes, I certainly am, Excuses. But I’m always sleepy in the morning…for a good 2-12 hours!

Ha. Is that a headache you’ve got? A little pain in your right temple. Don’t go. Running with a headache is a bad idea and you won’t want it to get worse…

Shh, I just need to stretch my neck.

Eww, that rain isn’t going to be nice to run in, Hannah. Listen to the pitter-patter on your skylight. There, you might be able to sit up and yawn, but I see those anxious eyes. Continue reading