Getting Caught in the Rain

Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to walk down to town. It was already raining when I left, but the weather’s been so changeable that I thought I’d risk it. I just needed to get outside. I was feeling down and struggling to get any work done. I also needed to buy a stamp.

The rain got heavier and heavier! It was pouring down my face by the time I reached the Post Office. I couldn’t be bothered checking if my makeup was running.

The rain turned to hail as I walked back up the hill. There were no doorways I could duck into, so I had no choice but to keep moving and I had to shield my face for a little while because the hailstones hurt. The road turned into a river, and I could feel my boots get heavier. Continue reading

How to Procrastinate

It’s taken me a while to write this post, but at least that’s in keeping with the topic! Today I got on with it straight away, so I hope I’m not beginning to lose the fine art of Procrastination. They said they’d make a degree in the subject before too long. We’re still waiting…

For many people procrastination is a naturally-acquired skill, but if you feel at risk of starting a pressing task then these are some quick and easy remedies. Here are my top tips: Continue reading