Writing Musings and News-ings

18.6.20 Thursday

It’s been a strange time for my writing. Strange in that I’ve hardly done any! I was prepared for a dip in energy and creativity after submitting my MA dissertation, but the extent of it has taken me by surprise. I haven’t written any fiction in four weeks.

The ‘current situation’ does no one any favours. It’s difficult to recharge when your movements are limited. I would normally spend time visiting friends or have some adventures. I should be in Cornwall now. I feel as if my wings have been clipped (as I’m sure we all do), even though I’m completely aware that I have the privilege of being safe and well. I was very down for a couple of weeks.

I’ve had a lot of writing rejections recently. They Continue reading

The Journey of a Story

Four years ago, I had a story idea, and then last year, BAM, it wrote itself! Yes, that’s a lot of brewing time…

It was inspired by a comment from my Creative Writing tutor about his name, Wayne. Eventually, this idea created a ‘spark’ with another idea – someone I noticed in our local skate park. I wrote it for an OU assignment. It needed unusually little editing. I showed it to Mum, having lost trust in my own judgement, and she was shocked when she couldn’t find much wrong with it either. We both wondered if that meant it was too ‘basic’ for MA level. It didn’t help when a fellow-student described the story as ‘good, but a bit lightweight?’ – a comment that has become a bit of an inside joke. (It’s all a question of taste. ‘Wayne’s Name’ is no action thriller, that’s for sure!)

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