The Little Boy who Loved the Flowers

The other day, I was walking up the steep hill from the bay. A little boy, about three or four years old, was trailing behind his mother on the other side of the road. She kept turning to say, ‘Keep up.’

A bush of big daisies leant out into the pavement. The little boy stopped. He raised his hands and gently cupped one of the flowers, entranced. He only stood there for a few seconds, although he seemed Continue reading

Don’t Delay Happiness

Wednesday 20.3.19

As I put on my makeup this morning, I decided to ignore a particularly aggressive cluster of spots. After all, there’s only so much that can be done – the redness can be covered but not the texture. It’s fine.

I wish I’d always been this blasé.

When I was in my early teens, my spots might as well have been shouting across the room. I don’t suppose anyone else cared though, or even noticed.

It’s important to have Continue reading

My Little Red Boots

I used to have a pair of red ankle boots. They broke eventually. Thank you, right foot, for being bigger than my left…

I know that boots are a trivial issue, but I loved wearing them. They always cheered me up. Ever since I resigned myself to the ending of their life, I’ve been keeping my eye out for some new ones.

However, as I said in Continue reading

Victims of Hair Fashion

When I was younger, my hair was all wrong.

Everyone was meant to have thin, poker-straight locks, falling like curtains around their face. Mine is thick, wavy, and flies wherever it chooses.

I would watch straight-haired girls complain about their tangles, skimming the brush through them. I was more bemused by this than anything. (Note: If you start brushing, let go of the brush, and it falls to the floor, you know nothing about tangles!)

I remember buying hair straighteners and going through a period of taming mine, but it wasn’t very successful. I joked that Continue reading