I’ll Think of Something

‘Something needs to happen,’ Editor insists.

And so I stab her.

With her dying breath, she reminds me not to start so many sentences with conjunctions and not to resort to clichés and that a ‘dying breath’ doesn’t allow for such detailed advice.

I let her live in the end. The murder only makes her Continue reading

A Dose of Cheese on Toast

I felt flat last Thursday. Not sad, or anxious, or discontented, just flat. I’d had a couple of late nights. Maybe the flatness was creative burnout. My head had been whizzing around, producing a lot of writing – a lovely feeling, but unsustainable.

I walked down to the Post Office to buy a stamp, taking a deep breath before I left the house. I was particularly jittery that day. I noted that I would have felt the same even if there were no people around, so it couldn’t have been social anxiety in this instance. I couldn’t work out how to walk or how to arrange my face! Disconnected.

When I finished in the Post Office, I glimpsed into the Continue reading

Stop Being the Weakest Person at Crossfit

My blog post with the most views and comments is ‘Be the Weakest Person at Crossfit.’ It was a joy to write and something I still believe in, but I’ve realised that my own ‘athletic identity’ needs to change now.

Being an exercise ‘noob’ has given me scope for humorous writing! It’s been fun to turn my athletic ‘failings’ into a joke. I have been able to fully emphasise with new Crossfitters, encouraging them to keep going, sharing my experiences in vivid detail.

So, why does this need to change? Because Continue reading