Unexpected Homecoming

I arrived back in North Wales last night. The decision was only made on Sunday, so it’s all been a bit of a whirlwind. I will be here for a few weeks.

As I stepped through the door, I thought everything seemed different at home. I couldn’t work out why. Had things been moved around? No, I don’t think so. I was just looking at everything in a new light, more objectively. I’ve got used to things in the other house.

I walked into the Continue reading

Life Crueller Than Fiction?

Tuesday 4.9.18

It took me ages to get to sleep because my mind was flooded with ideas for a new writing project. When I did, I dreamed about being a runner-up in the Brighton Short Story Prize; I woke to an email from another competition, saying my story hasn’t been chosen for their shortlist. How strange!

I suppose the only thing I can take from this is that I think about writing far too much, causing even my subconscious to reshape reality to suit me! It’s funny how I didn’t win in the dream but was completely ecstatic about being a runner-up…Clearly my confidence hasn’t run away with itself.

Each rejection is Continue reading

I Just Did Something Entirely Pointless

Tuesday 4.9.18

I wrote out my favourite short story by hand. ‘That Colour’ by Jon McGregor, from his collection This Isn’t The Sort of Thing That Happens to Someone Like You.

Yellow, lined paper. Feeling the beautiful words come out of my biro.

I used to do this all the time, writing out parts of my favourite books in perfect handwriting, imagining creating their stories, imagining if I copied them down I would be Enid Blyton.

And then I Continue reading

About to Leave Home

Wednesday 19.9.18 – 10pm

Two more sleeps until moving day! I make it sound like Christmas. That’s how I’ve been feeling: fidgetingly festive, with itchy feet, and I can’t decide what to do with myself.

I only had two jobs today – pack for the move and wash the dishes, both of which I’d accomplished by early afternoon. Since then, I’ve been killing time; a bit of YouTube, a bit of writing. Waiting.

It has been a strange couple of weeks, saying goodbye to loads of people. I didn’t realise I knew so many! Friends, family, church, writing group, junior bands, senior band… My introvert brain is exhausted, but I’m touched at all the thoughtful goodbyes – by which I mean cake, hehe. I expect I’ll be home for Christmas. (Is that a promise or a threat?)

I have a strong sense of Continue reading

It’s the Little Things

I had this message from a Crossfit friend, who I’ve never spoken to apart from at the gym:

‘Hi Hannah! Just a quick note to wish you all the best in your new home (and adventure!). Been meaning to message for a while – miss seeing you at Crossfit. I’ve been randomly reading your blogs. I’ve had a good read tonight, brought me joy after quite a mad day – you’re very talented. I liked the train journey one, haha. Ffion x’

Thank you, Ffion. It’s lovely that my blog brought you joy and just as lovely that you told me. It totally Continue reading