Migraines Make Me a Non-Person

30.3.18 Friday

I have a migraine. I dragged myself out of bed and walked around to my Grandad’s, to check he’d taken his tablets. Spring has chosen today to…spring. It’s my favourite weather: bright, the odd cloud, and just a hint of chill in the breeze. What a waste.

When I left my Grandad’s, I decided to fight the pain. I trudged up the road for a few minutes, hiding behind sunglasses, trapped in my own world. Keep your balance, Hannah. As cars passed by, I paid them no attention. I didn’t exist.

I began to think of the times I’ve Continue reading

A Tribute to My Mum

Our relationship with Mum cannot be defined by a single special moment. It’s constant ‘little things’ which add up to something bigger, as I reflected a few weeks ago.

I’d had a horrible Crossfit session. The workout itself was fine, but people’s shouts of encouragement and the loud music had driven me into mental overload. I ran out of the room a minute before the end.

When I arrived home, I was in tears, frustrated with the situation and my hypersensitive nature. Mum gave me a hug. She pointed into the kitchen, where Continue reading