A Tribute to My Dad

‘If you don’t understand something, then tell me,’ Dad said. ‘Provided it’s genuine, there’s no such thing as a silly question.’

I was thirteen years old. Mum, my brothers, and I were at our first ‘lesson’. We sat in Dad’s living room with shiny GSCE Biology textbooks spread across our laps. His introduction to proceedings was carefully planned.

‘Nothing’s taught if nothing’s learnt.’

Up until then, it was always Continue reading

I’m Moving Away

12th February 2018

There’s a 24-year-old girl…woman, she’s a woman. She still lives at home in North Wales because there’s no reason to go elsewhere. She loves being in her room, dreaming, imagining, creating…

‘I don’t wanna go out,’ she often whimpers. She’s usually glad when she does. The people she teaches and conducts make it worthwhile, as do her friends and workout buddies.

And then home. She lives for home. It’s worth going out for the feeling she gets when she returns. She never went away for university, never spent more than a week away from her family, and never wanted to do so.

Then everything changes. She Continue reading