Ring Ring: Don’t Phone Me Ever

If you need me, call me.

No, wait, don’t! Please never call me. Ever.

The only thing worse than an awkward face-to-face conversation is having an awkward phone conversation…especially when you’re the one who has to make the phone call.

What do you mean you prefer to phone rather than email? Are you crazy? No, I guess not – you ‘just like to talk to a real person’. Well, I don’t, okay?

As a child, I would do anything I could to avoid making Continue reading

Fleeting Moments of Genuine Connection

When you’re introverted, it’s easy to assume you don’t have much to offer in busier social settings. These assumptions are often unhelpful and untrue. Mum and I went to Tesco one day and I had two little exchanges that made me think.

An old woman fussed along the dairy aisle, wet grey trench coat swishing. She looked at me, head shaking, smiling. ‘I’ve lost the thing I cannot find.’

The scenario and sentence seemed ridiculous, to her even more than me.

‘Oh,’ I said, with a laugh. ‘That’s Continue reading