Run Towards the Scary

It often helps to charge at scary and difficult things head on.

(Okay, this is bad advice if you’re scared of bulls, tigers, traffic etc., but in many cases the approach works well.)

What we fear is unlikely to do us any harm. It’s just the thought of it that’s scary, and fear can have a tight grip.

There was a time when I decided enough was enough: I would gravitate towards those things. The scarier the better. I viewed it as a training exercise – literally, in the case of my half marathon preparation.

This isn’t a new or original concept. I’ve heard variations of it many times. But hearing something and knowing something doesn’t automatically lead to action. Sometimes we need reminders.

Say ‘yes’ to crazy opportunities. If you have phone-phobia, answer a call, even when someone else could have done it. Start the day with your most overwhelming task, perhaps one that you’ve been procrastinating. Get a job at RibRide because then you really will have no choice but to answer the phone!

The more you do this, the stronger you become, and the fear-grip begins to loosen.

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