Go Outside and Walk Slowly

I’ve made resolutions to spend more time outside and to walk slowly sometimes.

I’m a natural home body. I can stay in my room indefinitely. Once, when I was in Cornwall, I realised I hadn’t left the house for six days! It’s not good for me. Some of the most precious memories I have are when I’ve braved the great outdoors. I now take a daily walk, come rain or shine or migraine.

I stride along, absorbed in my thoughts. That’s fine if I’m in a rush or want some exercise, but sometimes people I know see me and comment afterwards that I looked ‘grim’ or ‘focused’. I’m not always focused on what’s around me though. I need to get out of my head, slow down, and appreciate nature.

I’ve mentioned these resolutions to a couple of people and they’ve both said, ‘Funny you should say that…’ because they had been thinking about the same thing. It seems obvious, but perhaps we could all benefit from slowing down, wherever possible.

I’m writing this in Plas Cadnant Hidden Gardens. The weather is happy, the fiery tulips are blooming, and I’m in the mindset to fully appreciate them.

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