iHannah: The Evolution of a Technophobe

Big news! I have an iPhone. I don’t know how I’ve avoided it all these years. I’ve only owned two other phones and neither have been Smart, bless their hearts.

I was about sixteen when I bought my first – it had a slide-out keyboard which broke in the end. Unfixable. I only got that phone because I was scared to go to county orchestra without some means of ‘escape’. Despite the phone’s limitation, I was fond of it, and was surprised when people with much better and more expensive phones said they liked mine. I was gutted when it broke.

My next phone was inferior, not as loveable, bless its heart. It was blue though – the colour of our band jackets. This phone got me much more teasing for its simplicity! ‘Why do you have an old lady phone?’ (Because I’m an old lady, duh.) It didn’t even have a camera. However, I could go for over a week without having to charge it.

People are indignant when you tell them you don’t have a Smartphone – no, they are indignant when you tell them you don’t want a Smartphone. The Modern World is deeply offended, bless its heart.

The truth is, I spend so much time at home that I’ve never felt the need. I spend most of the day online, near my laptop. Whenever I leave the house, I take a break from all that. I look forward to catching up later.

However, I recently decided to turn my life upside down, and the new phone is a visual representation of these changes. I have an iPhone 6s – don’t ask me what that means, what anything technological means! (Thank you, Aunty.)

Given how little interest I had in getting one, I’m surprised how easy it’s been to adjust. It’s fun taking pictures, using Facebook and Messenger wherever I want, and…all the other apps and…stuff. Okay, I’m still in the exploratory stage.

I don’t think it’ll change my life as much as I feared. It might change my life, but not for the worse. My inclination is still to look around me, to grab a notebook, to enjoy the moment. Now, I might get out more, with Google Maps to stop me getting lost, bless my heart.

Having an iPhone represents me growing up. Here’s to Adventure!


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