I’m In No Rush

Saturday 30.6.18

‘I’m in no rush,’ he said, gently, as he waited for a couple to move out of the train aisle.

‘I love those words,’ I whispered to Mum.

It’s something I only say when I’m in the best mood, and is very telling – or at least I think so.

‘I’m in no rush’ represents a peaceful mind and perhaps hints at a nice temperament.

The young man is now stationed (excuse the pun) a couple of rows behind, making a quiet phone call.

‘I’m okay, thanks,’ he says. ‘There is a beautiful view.’

Yes, a nice temperament. I have a feeling he will have a long and happy life. Not everyone can manage to be so pleasant at 8.30 on a Saturday morning!

One day, everyone will tire of ‘I’m busy,’ ‘I haven’t got time,’ and ‘I should be doing more.’

That young man is onto something. Let’s have a bit more, ‘I’m in no rush.’


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