Silence and Silliness

We sat on a bench on the prom, overlooking Llanelli Beach, with an assortment of food beside us. We weren’t hungry, and neither had we particularly wanted to go out again, but we dragged ourselves out of the Travelodge at 7pm, to make the most of the day. Our last evening.

We picked at the cheese and cocktail sausages, and mustered some enthusiasm for the chocolate-caramel doughnuts. The sea was advancing across the bay and the sun sinking towards the horizon. It was like a race, watching which would reach the finish line first! We were still. We were silent. To move or to speak would have burst our bubble.

I was tired by that point. When I’m at home, I usually escape to my room at the earliest opportunity! We had taken it easy for a lot of the trip, but I was still feeling slightly over-socialised and my mind over-stimulated, not helped by broken sleep. There are many advantages to being slightly introverted, but the lack of social stamina can be frustrating at times. Somehow, this week, it didn’t matter so much…

It’s rare that I go on holiday, and even rarer for me to go without family. Just me and my friend Ruth, exploring her home town, visiting many of her favourite places, and meeting her other friends. Plenty of coffee breaks; plenty of food. A wonderful week.

As we sat in complete silence, for far longer than might be considered ‘socially acceptable’, I was filled with gratitude. Friendships require acceptance. Sometimes this is despite differences; other times there is simply a shared understanding. Being silent with a good friend is a wonderful thing, as it’s so far from being an ‘awkward silence’. We were both cool with it.

As the sun was beginning to disappear, my sandaled feet were getting chilly. I pretended to tap dance! Then I got up and held onto the rail, swinging back and forth, reminding me that I need to work on my push-ups. We began to chat and laugh, and I quickly became Hyperactive Hannah. Ruth was cool with that too.


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