The Wrong Amount of Time for Writing

When there are exciting things to write about, I don’t have time. When there is time, I don’t have much to write about. It’s quite a dilemma!

My brother, who has recently started a daily journal, has found this too. The other morning, he was sitting in bed and trying to scribble down everything that had happened the day before, which had been too busy for him to journal. I often have to catch up like that.

Many great stories or ideas come from the busiest parts of life. It pains me to experience so many stories, people, comments, sights, and events, and not be able to capture them on paper. A non-writer might encourage me to ‘live in the moment’, rather than trying to write it all down, but that doesn’t consider the fact that, for me, writing plays a huge part in enjoying the moment. It enables me to relive things that I might otherwise forget.

If you are too busy then you won’t be able to capture everything in writing, however inspired you feel, although the best bits will stick with you. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution – you can force yourself to withdraw to write, leave it until later, or simply accept that you won’t be able to record every single wonderful moment.

On other occasions, I have all the time and none of the words. I become excited at the thought of developing some of the ideas I had when I was too busy to do anything about it. I also have high expectations for the adventures I’ll have in my free time, which could be fuel for my writing. But sometimes Creativity goes to sleep.

If you don’t have enough to do, then Creativity can easily suffer from lack of stimulation. These quiet times are a little easier to deal with (and much rarer, let’s be honest) because, with enough discipline and planning, you can still put yourself in the way of inspiration, or mentally transport yourself. And being less busy can make you more aware of the little things in life – things that go unnoticed when there’s too much going on. You just have to prod Creativity awake occasionally.

It seems that there is no ‘right amount of time for writing’. Perhaps there’s no wrong amount of time either.




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