The Evolutionary Process of Home Study

Stage 1: Lying in bed under the duvet, in PJs, with laptop and coffee on bedside table.

Stage 2: Propped up in bed on top of duvet, wearing ‘house clothes’, with laptop and coffee mug resting on stomach.

Stage 3: Sitting up in bed, fully dressed, with laptop in front, a textbook or two beside, and gentle music playing.

Stage 4: Sitting at carefully-organised desk, forgetting to restart the music, a fresh mug of coffee in one hand and a bowl of cereal in the other, while staring at laptop, textbooks and notebooks.

Stage 5: Lying on the floor surrounded by laptop, textbooks, notebooks, empty mugs, chocolate wrappers, tear-soaked tissues and the corpses of all my dreams, whilst ironically listening to Don’t Stop Me Now and contemplating the state of the universe and the meaning of life.

It must be assignment time!


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