My Weird Habits – Part 2

It turns out that I have enough weird habits for a blog-post sequel – no surprise!

Eating strange food – I have been told in the past that some of the things I eat are weird, or even disgusting. I will often eat a tin of tuna on its own, mixed with mayonnaise and ketchup. I used to eat tins of sweetcorn on a regular basis, and still have bowls of cold baked beans with mayonnaise (yes, I love mayonnaise – it should have its own paragraph). There might be an element of laziness in this theme of cold tinned food, but I actually like it as well.

Standing up before I’ve uncrossed my legs – This is a recently-developed weird habit. If I’m sitting down at the computer with my legs crossed (I know I shouldn’t) I have started to uncross them only after I stand up, leaving me precariously balanced on one leg for a moment. I don’t recommend it – I’ve nearly landed on my face a couple of times!

Consistent handwriting across a journal – My writing varies in size and neatness, but if I start a journal with one version of my writing I must keep going in the same way. That may seem reasonable, but the thing that’s weird is how often I check back to the beginning of the journal to make sure my writing still looks the same.

The break between two socks – I suspect this is fairly common. You put on one sock with a little difficulty and then sit around for a while, trying to build up the strength to put on the other. I’ve been known to wander around the house with the second sock in my hand. I’m 22 years old; this should not be happening to me.

Pacing through the house with a book – I’ve been doing this a lot recently, reading while walking up and down. It can either look calm or agitated, depending on the speed of my walk and the expression on my face (although that depends on the book as well). I just like the motion and it keeps my mind off other things.

Checking the fridge repeatedly – I think a lot of people do this, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t weird! You know in your heart that all the good food has been eaten, yet you still open the fridge door in the hope of a miracle, several times over. Nope, still just jam and rather suspect lettuce.


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