When Left to My Own Devices…

Intrinsic motivation can be a harsh master.

I hardly stopped yesterday.

I got up and instantly started my OU work (the intrinsic motivation failed me a little here, I admit – Roman villas are not my specialist subject). I was already up to date with the schedule though, so I suppose I didn’t really need to do any.

With that out of the way I began to read a book entitled, ‘How to Write’ by Harry Bingham, which I’m finding useful. After that I worked on redrafting my novel, a task that is both exciting and scary. I thought about an idea for a short story and a couple of blog posts, and wrote a few notes.

At lunchtime I silently asked myself, ‘What are holidays for if not for working harder than in term time?’ Wry smile.

I think it’s true: I often work harder in the holidays. There’s no expectation or pressure from anyone else; it’s just that I want to do those things. And it’s more intense, because I’m less inclined to take breaks!

In September people often ask me, ‘Did you have a good rest over the summer?’

A rest? That might be stretching it a bit…


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