I’m Back!

These past few weeks have been crazy. I had to prioritise, stopping my weekly blog posts (well, nearly weekly), for the sake of sanity as much as because of time constraints! I’ve managed some writing, which I’m increasingly finding I need to do in order to function properly, and I write my journal come rain or shine. 

So, what have I been doing  on top of routine things? To summarise: some editing work; applying for funding for my final OU course; leading a Creative Writing group; writing an assignment; preparing six music pupils for their Grade exams; practising piano and accompanying them in their exams; preparing my young brass bands for two concerts in quick succession, one of which I organised; and playing trombone in four other concerts – for two of them I was unable to attend any rehearsals! And then there are the follow-up tasks that come from those activities – there’s still a lot to do before I can completely relax.

This wasn’t an easy couple of weeks, on top of all the busyness. Our upstairs toilet sprung a leak from the cistern (which Mum noticed quickly, thankfully) and then the ballcock broke, so it’s currently out of use. That could have been very dramatic. We had to turn off the water overnight – I was grumpy not to be able to have my coffee that morning!

Then, worse still, our computer wouldn’t boot up. This happened on the very busy day of my concert. Amazingly, something told me to print out everything I needed the night before! Hopefully the computer can be fixed, or I hope at least that we can retrieve documents. Most of my writing has been backed up, but not a short story I’ve been working on recently, which means a lot to me. I’ll be particularly sad if I lose it.

Never take running water (or indeed toilets!) for granted, and always back up your work – lots of lessons learnt through the challenges! Rainy weather and a cold also made things interesting. I was worried I might lose my voice at one point. I’ve managed to get through everything though, and have received a huge amount of help and support.

I didn’t have time to process things properly as they were ticked off the list, because I had to move on to the next one immediately. Now I’ve reached the other side and am wondering what hit me! But I’m hugely grateful for how relatively smoothly it all went. Aside from a couple of meltdowns (which disappeared as quickly as they arrived) I had an unusual level of calmness throughout. Everything has been incredibly rewarding, despite the few hitches. I’ve had some lovely times and a lot of fun. It’s good to be surrounded by, and working with, such wonderful people.

I’m currently enjoying the lack of pressure and am looking forward to a more relaxed summer. It won’t really be that relaxed – I want to get running again, do plenty of writing, more editing, possibly start learning to drive, have a surfing lesson, and I’m still working on my OU course…

Life is good.


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