My Weird Habits

Okay, these are only some of my habits – I wouldn’t want to go on all day!

Hardback book dustcovers – When a hardback book reaches my hands I often look under the dustcover. I want to see whether it has the front cover design printed on it, or if it’s plain. Obviously it doesn’t make any difference; I just want to know.

Looking back at the table – When I’m leaving a café I always look back at where I’ve been sitting. Several times when I was little I left a bag behind when we were out shopping. The over-cautiousness probably developed from then. The strange thing is that it doesn’t make any difference how carefully I check before leaving the table; I still look back.

TV volume numbers – My TV volume is usually on 20, sometimes 30, 15 if I don’t want it loud, and 10 or less if I wake up in the middle of the night. I don’t ever put the sound on random numbers, like 23. 25 is okay, at a push, but for some reason I don’t like 35…

Random clock times – Until a few days ago my phone was set five minutes fast and my bedroom clock was ten minutes fast. You might think that it was to help me be punctual, but I’m rarely late anyway. I would constantly have to work out the real time. I had set my clocks at different times for no good reason.

Writing things on my list afterwards – Oops, I’ve just done a job that I hadn’t written on my list. Nevermind, I’ll write it on now and have the pleasure of ticking it off straight away. Works for me…

Paranoid door-locking – It doesn’t matter how many times I check to see if I’ve locked the door. For some reason I always panic that I haven’t. To try and prevent this I recheck the handle and say, ‘It’s locked, it’s locked,’ to the amusement of anyone who’s with me. I have to get it firmly into my conscious mind. And even then, as I’m dropping off to sleep, I’ll suddenly worry that it’s been left unlocked. I need help.


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