Being Kind to Yourself

I’ve had an unusually hectic couple of weeks juggling scout music camp preparation, academic work, and commitments with family and friends. I’m out of routine and behind on a few things, and I tend to beat myself up about that. People often give the, ‘Don’t be so hard on yourself,’ advice, but it’s easier said than done!

As I went into the New Year I decided to be gentler with myself and not take on more than I could handle. It was hard to do that with the busyness of last week. I didn’t have a free evening or weekend. I didn’t do any reading. I barely wrote anything. I didn’t manage to do a blog post. I was emotional and tearful.

Now I’m tired and trying to remember what ‘normal life’ is like, and how to get back to it. Instead of letting it worry me I’m doing my best to accept it and keep calm. I have to remember what I do if a friend is stressed, busy, and struggling to keep on top of everything. I try to be understanding, gentle, and feed them coffee and chocolate at regular intervals! Yet somehow it’s harder to give yourself that kind of consideration.

I allowed myself a chilled-out morning yesterday, so I’m gradually learning. I had coffee with a friend and we strolled through town looking at greetings cards and visiting the chocolate shop. It was lovely to trail around aimlessly and enjoy the moment.

Now I’m starting to get everything back in order with a much more peaceful mind – long may it continue! Right, now for that assignment…


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