Walking for My Mind

On Tuesday I was desperate to get out of the house. I had already been to Crossfit in the morning, and struggled with my energy levels during the workout. But I was strangely fidgety later in the morning.

At the moment my mind is being pushed to and fro between planning of musical activities and focused essay-writing. It’s not easy. I’m trying to organise my time so that I don’t have to think of both at once, but then I’ll be poring over the text of Dr Faustus and randomly think of a rhythm game! It’s hard to get anything done when you’re flitting from one thing to another. That’s when a walk comes in handy.

I always enjoy walking (when I can persuade myself to go outside) and sometimes end up going every day for a while. But then other things take over, or I forget, or lashing wind and rain puts me off.

It’s amazing how different the scenery looks every time I walk round the block. On some days the mountains are big and clear, their snowed-tops rising into blue sky. Other times they seem far away, swirled with white clouds, or disappearing completely in the distance. The light scatters in unique patterns.

On Tuesday it was stormy and I had to take care not to fall into the road as strong gusts hit me. My eyes were streaming, cheeks numbing with the cold. As I passed a couple of trees I could hear them groaning loudly, so I quickened my step. The wind was against me to begin with, but then, as I turned to walk back up the big hill, I could feel it pushing me from behind.

I was tired as I reached home, but not in an unpleasant way. When I returned to my tasks it was as though my thoughts had been sorted. There was no mental effort involved – my subconscious had taken care of everything. I was able to focus again. Fresh air and exercise are as good for your mind as they are for your body. They seem to stop my brain from fighting against itself, and bring it to rest.


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