Planning My Rest

I had a day off on Saturday.

It’s rare that I don’t have something I need to do, or something I specifically want to achieve – a writing agenda, a reading agenda, an exercise agenda, or maybe an idea for band. As a result, if I don’t plan myself some time off then it’s never going to happen.

As we moved into the New Year I was thinking that I rarely give myself time to breathe. I thought about everything I do and wondered if I’d feel better if I stopped doing some of it. The autumn term wasn’t particularly stressful, but it meant that I had time to fill with other projects, including finishing a first draft of my book. I ended up as busy as ever. It was satisfying, but at the same time I found I couldn’t wait for a couple of weeks off at Christmas.

Obviously it’s important to rest in order to recharge physically, but mental recharging may be even more important. The problem with being a busy person is that you often feel restless when you’re not busy. I had a lovely break over Christmas, but it took me about a week to feel ‘normal.’

When a sense of peacefulness had eventually resumed I quickly realised something: I love what I’m doing. The things I call ‘work’ are the same things I’m drawn to as ‘hobbies.’ When the busyness is stripped away I’m blessed to know that, given a choice, I would do exactly the same things. I couldn’t wait to get back to normal life, but I needed time away from it to show me that.

Saturday was lovely. I planned to spend the unusual free day ‘doing what I felt like’. I rested. I lounged. I went for coffee with Mum. Then I found myself reading, writing, editing, and organising some of my things…

The peacefulness remained.


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