Migraines and Limes

The last two days have been horrible; I’ve had a migraine the whole time. I’m blaming it on the beginning-of-the-year anxiety, of which I was particularly aware on Monday.

My migraines usually only last for one day, so I was going crazy by the end – I had a stabbing pain in my head, I wasn’t able to eat anything without being sick, and I had to stay in bed the whole time. There were so many things I needed/wanted to do, which accounts for the frustration and occasional bit of hysteria over the two days! I’m not good at relaxing at the best of times…

I’ve been to the doctors about my migraines on several occasions, but I’ve never found anything that helps – I just have to wait for them to go. I get plenty of suggestions from other people though. Today a friend of Mum said I should put lime juice on my head, and Mum asked if I wanted to try it out. I answered in my haze of migraine-suffering – I wasn’t fully awake, so I can’t remember my reply.

Mum returned later with a plate of cut-up limes! Worth a try, I suppose. It was soothingly cold as she pressed it on my forehead. The fresh citrus smell was nice – it reminded me of when we used to make our own lemonade.

The juice started to trickle down my face, perilously close to my eyes (thank goodness for eyebrows), and actually did go in my ear! Maybe there’s a better way of applying it… I started to laugh as I removed some pulp from my cheek.

I’m not sure that the lime made a difference to the headache, but at least it cheered me up. Having said that, my pillow now smells a bit like toilet cleaner!


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