And Then Inspiration Hit…

I rarely get inspired to write at convenient moments. A few weeks ago I arrived home from my Crossfit workout and it just came to me as I got into the shower. Before I knew it I had five perfectly-formed sentences whizzing round my head (on entirely different subjects, by the way).

So the six minutes I would have spent in the shower turned into three. I threw on some clothes and ran round the house, wet hair flailing, trying to find any scrap of paper on which to scribble before I dropped the metaphorical juggling balls. I managed it, just, and collapsed with a cup of coffee.

I recently had some inspiration late at night, and that’s even worse. I switched on my light, picked up my notebook, which I’ve learnt to always have nearby, and jotted down the thoughts. Light back off. Eyes shut. By the time I’d switched my light on eight more times, and it was past 3am, it had lost all of its charm! But I didn’t want to risk losing the ideas; so I kept writing.

The more I told myself that I needed to sleep, the more awake I became. I got up, paced around downstairs to try and get the irritation out of my system, and ate random food from the fridge. I eventually became sleepy and went back to bed. Great; then I needed the loo again!

In all seriousness, I love the thrill of inspiration; it’s a gift from above, however inconvenient the timing. And obviously I prefer it to writers’ block, even if I lose some sleep along the way. It’s also better than times when I’m supposed to be writing and I start to procrastinate…Ok, I’ll get back to you just as soon as I’ve done this quiz on Facebook. (We all need to know what type of flower we are, right?) Procrastination is annoying. But that’s another story…


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